EZEQUIEL ESKENAZI STOREY: President of Xumek, great inspirer of the project and passionate about creating high quality wines that define the "terroir". After searching for a unique place, he finally chose Zonda Valley for its valuable agro-ecological characteristics preserving the local fauna and flora.
DANIEL EKKERT: Originally from San Juan. He is a well known oenologist, who also advises wineries in France where he regularly travels as "flying winemaker". He is part of Xumek since its inception.
He previously worked for Finca Las Moras and Argento wineries.
GABRIELA DI PARDO: Has a degree in Social Communication with a specialization in Advertising. 23 years of experience in the wine industry implementing commercial and brand strategies at local, regional and global levels that generate sustainable results.
ATILIO RODRIGUEZ: Original from San Juan province. He is the Production Manager of Santa Sylvia and La Leona. He has extensive experience in production; his main objective has always been to get high quality grapes.
RODOLFO GARCÍA: A native from San Juan province. He is the Production Manager of Finca La Cienega.
He has great experience in design, development and project management of vines and olive trees. Its objective is to achieve the best quality of terroir grapes.
HERNÁN MIERES: Field manager Santa Sylvia, person with great experience in viticulture with great capacity of management of personal and cultural tasks of the vine.
ANDRÉS ROJAS: Responsible for La Ciénaga, a young man with experience and capacity in the management of vine plantations
LUIS ANES: Irrigation Manager of Santa Sylvia, person with great experience in drip irrigation, arming and calibration of pressurizing equipment
GUILLERMO CENTENO: Santa Sylvia workshop manager, great capacity in repairs of machinery and agricultural implements.